Talking Therapies

Most of us face times when life is difficult.  We may be:

  • Going through a personal crisis
  • Experiencing loss – such as bereavement, divorce or redundancy
  • Dissatisfied or stressed at work
  • Worried by tensions or conflicts in the family
  • Unhappy, lonely, depressed, anxious, panicky or feeling unable to cope

At NEW Mind we understand that sometimes people just need someone to be there for them.  Our therapists are trained to listen, understand and help you work through your problems in a safe and confidential way.  

NEW Mind Talking Therapies

This is a flexible service for adults (18+), provided directly by our own therapy team.  Your weekly or fortnightly sessions will last for an hour and can continue for up to six weeks or longer, depending on your needs.  We build in regular reviews to make sure therapy is still working for you.  To book an induction appointment ring 01352 974430 or email  

Each hourly session with NEW Mind Talking Therapies costs £35, however the first (induction) session is free.  Some reduced cost appointments are available for those on low incomes; please ask.

What our clients say...

This service has helped me to cope with life in a better way. I would recommend [it] to anyone in need of help.

This has been an amazing experience to enable me to get back on track. I feel the ‘black cloud’ has lifted and everything is bright and colourful once more. I feel I’ve been given the tools to help myself

I think the best compliment I can pay the team is that I have got me back!
Look out world!

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